People Practices 
A set of formal and informal people and workplace practices enable us to maintain a professional and progressive environment.
Disciplinary process: Most of the problem situation are handled through informal counselling while such issues arising out of indiscipline or misrepresentation of facts or unethical behaviour leading to damage of Organisation’s reputation; are resolved through a formal warning followed by termination of such employee services.
Non-smoking work zone: We provide our associates with a healthy, green & clean work environment.
Policy against discrimination & harassment: We the management of are firmly committed to ensure affable, dignified and non-threatening work ecosystem. We endeavour to implement a work ethos and practices free from prejudices, preferences, ill treatment and harassment based on race, colour, caste, religion, region, gender, age, national origin or ancestry, mental or physical disability, etc., is assured at all times.
RightLogix is an equal Opportunities employer.
Ethos & Culture
• Ensuring quality a part of our daily work and team happening.
• Ensuring quality first time and every time.
• Striving to groom employee a qualified professional and socially responsible citizen
• Aspire to enhance ability to support Corporate goals
• Improving efficiency of human resources at all levels
• Make this organisation a great place to work – professionally and personally
Learning Practices and Growth
We strive to ensure continuous skill up gradation and personality development f our employees as we believe continuous learning curve for success in today’s competitive environment.
We have an open, informal and positive work environment that is supportive and participatory to nurture creativity and innovation. Induction and orientation, Process training in process and software application, Quality, security practices, HIPA compliances, Communication, Personality Development are standard learning practices. We strongly encourage multi skill development through cross training.
Team Work
A proactive, open and informal environment is ensured to harness synergise individual strengths to improve and harness greater team potential. Open communication (both top-down and bottom–up) is encouraged at all levels. Our organisation is team driven as we firmly believe our employees are our real assets.

Governance and Responsibility

• We continuously function as a high performance team through developing HR Competencies, Skills, and Knowledge
• Develop strong, positive relationships with all our customers
• Provide value added services in a cost effective manner
• Employ technology & methods that enhances service, communications and productivity
• HR Business Plan is built to support ’s Business Plan
• People issues are elevated to the same level of importance as production